The last excursion on this journey was the island of Miyajima, whose Itsukushima Shrine is one of the top three most beautiful views in the country, says the experts.

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Warning - this post contains gruesome explicit photos from inside the atomic bomb museum. Skip this if you are sensitive or easily upset.

Hiroshima was the last city on my route, the furthest point from Tokyo where my trip began. It turned out to be a pleasant place; the city sits at the end of a river which forks many times before it enters the ocean. All these arms and branches partition the city into little islands, connected by bridges and lovely shaded walkways.

But of course all of that is overshadowed by the world's first atomic bomb that went off seventy years ago on August 6th, killing 80000 people in the blink of an eye and razing the city center to the ground.

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Matsuyama castle

Once the typhoon had passed it was time to check out Matsuyama's 400 year old castle.

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Matsuyama was my last stop on the peninsula before heading back to the "main land". I arrived there at about the same time as 2014's typhoon number 19.

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The stairs of Konpira-san

After leaving Takamatsu I took the train to Matsuyama, but Kotohira is conveniently along the way, sort of, so I decided to stop by, stow my luggage, and take a closer look at the holy mountain Konpira-san.
Officially called Kotohira-gu, this is a shrine that can only be reached after climbing 785 steps, going up 521 meter, to reach the main temple. If you want to reach the inner shrine, keep going until the counter says 1368 steps.
Up we go, then!

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Food In Japan - Part 2

What did you say? That you want to see more pictures of food? Oh, but no problem! Gladly!

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Takamatsu - Bis

Just a few more pictures from Takamatsu. My hotel was near the main train station, but this must be the only city in Japan where that area is completely dead. No ramen, no pachinko, no sushi, no Bikku Kamera... Odd, and very boring.

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Ritsurin Garden in Takamatsu

Because I'm not very good at planning, I managed to schedule two parks in one day.

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Kouraku-en garden in Okayama

One of the Three Great Gardens of Japan, nice.

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Himeji Castle

Himeji Castle is the finest surviving example of prototypical Japanese castle architecture from almost seven hundred years ago, it's a must-see stop in Japan, and it's bloody closed for renovations. Dammit!

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The dead of Koyasan

Because Koyasan is the birthplace of a major Buddhist sect, many of its faithful insist on being buried in its hallowed earth. Samurai graves that are over a thousand years old, moss covered crypts, and, oddly enough, corporate sponsored graves to remember those who died on the job.

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Koyasan -- Mount Koya

I stayed in Osaka for two nights, but since Osaka is boring, I was just using it as a convenient starting point for a day trip to Mount Koya, or Koyasan. A local train winds into the mountains to get to the base of the mountain, and then a cable car gets you to the top -- where a small village has grown around a group of temples that date back all the way to 805.

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Food In Japan

"Food In Japan" is not the same thing as "Japanese Food" :) As I found out in Arima, rice-and-fish for breakfast is a bit heavy on a Belgian stomach, so... thank God for pastry! Here's a bunch of smartphone snapshots in chronological order of my culinary explorations...

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Daitoku-ji, goodbye

A few more from the same location.

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Remembrance Day

Ryozen Kannon is a "war memorial commemorating the War dead of the Pacific war located in Eastern Kyoto". When you pay the small entrance fee, you get an incense stick which you burn in front of the statue, taking a moment to reflect on the madness of it all.

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Around Kiyomizu-dera

Like I mentioned yesterday, the streets around the temple are a great area to wander aimlessly, and get a little lost.

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Kiyomizu-dera is a Unesco world heritage site, so it's serious business. It's a 1200 year old temple, which unfortunately needed a bit of touch up when I was there. With the thousands of tourists passing through daily, I can see why. Here are some impressions :)

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Impressions from Kyoto

After one night in Tokyo, I moved on to Kyoto and stayed there for almost a week. On the first day, I checked out "The Philosopher's Path"; this turned out to be a charming little path along a creek, dotted with temples and shrines where a traveler might pause and contemplate for a bit. If you do it right, you come back all enlightened. Here are some impressions from walking to, from, and in the general vicinity of "eastern Kyoto minus the World Heritage bits which I'll do later".

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Japan 2014 -- Hello Tokyo!

So, I went back to Japan!

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Asia HD - VII

Wow, an entire two month stay in Japan and I have pretty much zero pictures that I like. I suck at photography! So why don't I drop any pretense and just make this a cozy trip down memory lane, for Old Times Sake(tm).

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