Postcards from Vestmannaeyjar - II

More pictures from the southern Westman Islands...

As I wrote before, the main island of this group almost doubled in size since 1973. This is a picture from that area, looking north-east sort of. On the foreground is the newly formed part of terra, further out are two of the smaller islands that are part of the Vestmann group, and all the way in the distance there's Eyjafjallajokull.

Eastern part of Heimaey.

Here's another view of basically the same area; the picture is taken while climbing to the top of Eldfell, the newly formed hill. Again, all of this is "earth" that didn't exist forty years ago, kind of mind boggling. On the horizon the dreaded Hekla can be seen, on the left.

The flanks of Eldfell on Heimaey, and the cross for those that died during the eruption.

And yet another view, this time from the top of the Eldfell. Not sure what happened to the colors here, but I like the bug.

The top of Eldfell.

Next, heading west I bump into overhang.

Rock formation on Heimaey.

Finally to finish this part, here's a curious statue.

In memory of Icelanders who heard the call to build Zion and emigrated to Utah. 1854-1914.
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Ine wrote:

Very interesting statue I would say!

Nice pics!
08/23/2011 09:36:55 PM

peirz wrote:

Thanks :)
08/24/2011 05:41:34 PM

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