Next stop on the roadtrip after Munich was Vienna, city of Sissi & company.

As a Belgian, it sort of dawns that I'm quite a bit away from home when I see this:

The 19:50 train to Budapest at the Hauptbahnhof, Wien

Land of the Habsburgers, I guess.

City light close up in the Habsburgergasse, Wien

Palace, treasure room, or bowling alley?

Rozet & Fischmeister, Gold und Silberschmiede; Karlsbad, Wien; Gegrundet 1740

A must-do in Vienna is tasting the Sachertorte, a heavy chocolate cake which in case of emergency can also be used to slow down German tanks. It tastes really great, and, well, while you're at it, might as well enjoy in a classy establishment that prepares it locally.

Exquis choice of Gefundeness Fressen

This just here to prove I'm not downloading these from Wikipedia; judging from the interior, Franz-Joseph probably had his four o'clock tea served here as well. The check suggested the same :p

Een of andere randmongool die per se op de foto wou

.. and to wrap up, a cozy Biergarten in front of Vienna's city hall.

Nightview of the city hall, Wien
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peirz wrote:

And yes I know the last photo has a black tilted frame from rotate-without-crop; but I liked the "holiday card" effect :p
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