Evening Promenade in Höfn

I realized that when I was posting the pics from the glacial lake, I didn't mention where the hell this was. This lake is close to Höfn, a town with a whopping population of 1641 (says wikipedia). It's pretty far away, 455 km to be exact (which is a lot if the speed limit is 90).

Where we spent the weekend.

We were planning to try our hand at golf, which is a big thing to do here in Iceland (in the sense that it's a very democratic "people"s sport)... unfortunately the whole administration was automated, so our plan to find someone to teach us the basics went out the window. Hesitating to randomly fuck around with expensive equipment until we figured it out, we settled for exploring the surroundings instead.

A bit of nature with Vatnajokull mega-glacier in the distance.


The bay.

Boat on the rocks.

Höfn by evening.
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