Jökulsárlón - Part II

So, as I mentioned, there's this boat that takes you on a tour of the magical iceberg-lake.

For safety reasons, we had to wear a suit which, we were told, was so safe you could take it to the moon -- a theory we promptly tested. I got back this footage through my contact Ludwig at the European Space Agency.

Let me play, among the stars.

Yes there is oxygen on the moon. And cars.

Pondering what's ahead.

Alright, enough crap, we're off!

This thing is about the size of a house.

My homies in the backup boat.

Another huge iceberg.

Jokulsarlon, blue edition.

Goodbye lake, see you next year!
posted at 09:18:21 PM on 01/11/2012 by peirz - Category: iceland - Tag: photography / nature / iceland / mountain / landscape / lake


Ine wrote:

WOW!!! Those pictures are amazing!!
The little devil on the second pictures is very cute btw:)
01/11/2012 09:54:42 PM

peirz wrote:

Thanks =)
01/15/2012 01:56:59 PM

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