Dimmuborgir is a Norwegian black metal band that is notorious for its heavy riffs, mad concerts, and also the curious fact that its members look remarkably similar to a pit of lava formations that formed when a dent in the landscape was filled with lava, and then slowly drained.

An overview of the area. Each hill slash mega-stalagmite is lava that solidified faster than its surroundings, due to being above a cold spring or some such, and therefor became lava rock before it got a chance to drain out of this bowl.

An overview of the area

A tunnel formed by one of these, with a view of the mountains behind.

Almost idyllic landscape, in Iceland, indeed, it exists.

And that finally concludes my report of this day trip which was, ahem, on the 23rd of July.
posted at 10:20:45 PM on 11/10/2011 by peirz - Category: iceland - Tag: photography / nature / iceland / landscape


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