Here are a few pictures of Yet Another PAth TrAcer Test. Sorry, no downloads and no source..

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Dead Rising 4 - Black Friday

The hype train is gaining steam!

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Dead Rising 4

Behold... the past 30 months of my life :)

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PSA - Typo in GGX refraction

Maybe everybody else already knows this, but google did nothing, so to maybe save somebody some time somewhere: there appears to be a small typo in the refraction equation in Marschner's "Microfacet Models for Refraction through Rough Surfaces".

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The Na Pali Coast With Captain Andy

Kauai's northwest coast has a bug in it: there are no roads, so you can only see its unique landscape after a multi-day hike, on an expensive helicopter tour, or on a "sunset cruise'. We took a double gamble on the latter option: the weather was dodgy when we booked the trip, and we picked a tour operator at semi-random -- Captain Andy. I'm happy to say that both gambles paid off very well; the sun turned out great and the cruise was classy and a blast.

Sorry for the blurry and/or angled pictures -- I'm on a boat, you know.

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Croissant Class

Aw yesss.

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Driving up Waimea mountain

Kauai has a scenic route that takes you up Waimea mountain; the views of the canyon are supposedly spectacular, but the continued rainy weather kind of ruined that. It still looked nice whenever things cleared up a bit, and the hike halfway up the road is also worth a stop. We didn't do the whole trail (which goes to the bottom of the canyon and back up), but the views still delivered.

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Driving around Kauai

Driving around, seeing the sights.

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Rainy Kauai

I went back to Hawaii last year - this time to Kauai; it's the oldest island of the group that makes up Hawaii, and it's very green and lush -- unlike my previous stop which was on a tropical version of Iceland, called Big Island. Unfortunately this new trip was scheduled during rainy season, so the week started with a few days of roadtripping around the island.

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Postcards from Revelstoke

A few snapshots from a long-weekend-trip to Revelstoke back in August last year.

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The last excursion on this journey was the island of Miyajima, whose Itsukushima Shrine is one of the top three most beautiful views in the country, says the experts.

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Warning - this post contains gruesome explicit photos from inside the atomic bomb museum. Skip this if you are sensitive or easily upset.

Hiroshima was the last city on my route, the furthest point from Tokyo where my trip began. It turned out to be a pleasant place; the city sits at the end of a river which forks many times before it enters the ocean. All these arms and branches partition the city into little islands, connected by bridges and lovely shaded walkways.

But of course all of that is overshadowed by the world's first atomic bomb that went off seventy years ago on August 6th, killing 80000 people in the blink of an eye and razing the city center to the ground.

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Matsuyama castle

Once the typhoon had passed it was time to check out Matsuyama's 400 year old castle.

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Cruiseships in Vancouver

Some video's I took today, trying to show just how massive these cruise ships are when you get up close to them. There were three of them parked near Canada Place. If I did the math right, then between the three of them they about match the population of Kuurne :)

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Matsuyama was my last stop on the peninsula before heading back to the "main land". I arrived there at about the same time as 2014's typhoon number 19.

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The stairs of Konpira-san

After leaving Takamatsu I took the train to Matsuyama, but Kotohira is conveniently along the way, sort of, so I decided to stop by, stow my luggage, and take a closer look at the holy mountain Konpira-san.
Officially called Kotohira-gu, this is a shrine that can only be reached after climbing 785 steps, going up 521 meter, to reach the main temple. If you want to reach the inner shrine, keep going until the counter says 1368 steps.
Up we go, then!

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Food In Japan - Final part

Wrapping up my culinary mix of Japanese traditionals and sweet indulgences.

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Food In Japan - Part 2

What did you say? That you want to see more pictures of food? Oh, but no problem! Gladly!

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Takamatsu - Bis

Just a few more pictures from Takamatsu. My hotel was near the main train station, but this must be the only city in Japan where that area is completely dead. No ramen, no pachinko, no sushi, no Bikku Kamera... Odd, and very boring.

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Ritsurin Garden in Takamatsu

Because I'm not very good at planning, I managed to schedule two parks in one day.

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