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160213  Projects
181008  Free Tools
  • Quake3 Arena Shader Editor - A graphical editor for Quake 3 shaders.
  • Hanyu - A basic tool for practicing Chinese characters
  • MapProp - A plugin for File Explorer adding a preview tab to the properties of a q3a .map file, and sort-of kind-of doom3 maps
  • BattleShot - A simple tool for cutting, resizing and polishing game screenshots
    Older or more experimental:
  • TexSynth - An experimental tool to generate textures based on a sample
  • React - Tiling organic textures via reaction diffusion
  • HiraTest - A basic Hiragana practicing tool - note: superseded by Hanyu
  • LEET - Experiment in collaborative editing with full undo/redo and no locks/tokens
181008  Hacks
    Rather silly:
  • Case mod - A casemod, literally : portable FTP out of a briefcase
  • Cryo - Adding a window, a LED and some lego to a USB mouse
  • Kill The King (disappeared) - Simple but fun Mod for Quake2.
  • Matrix Screensaver (download) - Most low-budget screensaver ever, released 28/07/1999 :)
  • MatrixQuake (disappeared) - An OpenGL proxy which transforms Quake2, and quite a few other games, into Matrix scenery.
181008  Articles
  • Studeren in China (in Dutch) - the slides of my presentation on the good and the bad of studying in China
  • Ervaringen in China (in Dutch) - indexes all posts that tell the story of preparing for and living in China - administration, problems, etc.
181008  Misc
    Rather silly
  • Retro - 386SX/486 insanity
  • Ip Uw Mulle - Noise, not to be confused with actual music/talent
  • Industrial sound pack 1 (disappeared) - Some loops and effects for mappers